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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Segi College 6 Nov 2009

Hi guys!

So sorry for the long pause in updates. We've all been SO busy with assignments and exams round the clock that there weren't much activities we could perform at and post about it. Well, seems like we're always busy with them aren't we? But worry not, end of the year is arriving soon! More gigs? We'll see...

Since there wasn't much of an introduction to this recent gig, here's a hopefully short update. We'll just put in the interesting points for easy reading:

  • Nick got the invitation by one of the organizers for the dinner they were organising as part of a final project.
  • It was themed Viva Vegas, hence the formal attire on Nick as you can see from the photo earlier.
  • It was only our 3rd performance together as a full band now with Joe, and I dare say we're doing pretty well so far. Be sure to look out for more from us soon!
  • During the performance, we added a fourth song at the very last minute from the response we got from the crowd. :)
  • The crowd, or shall we say diners, were awesome! Especially the two who came to the front (watch the video and you'll get what we mean).
  • Generally, it was hot - temperature wise.

Safe to say, we all had a blast performing for the Viva Vegas dinner at Segi College that night.
Here are the videos,enjoy!

That's all for now guys! We'll see you people really soon!

psst, just a quick sneak peak, we might be performing soon for a Christmas Event, but we'll update you all later! ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guess who's back?

More on our Segi College's performance later. Now we just can't wait to share this new picture of us.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Look!

Hey guys!
It's us again. This time we're back with a brand new look for this blog. Hope all of you like it because we sure do! :)

Tell us what you think about this new layout and do watch out for new updates really soon!

That's all for now guys!
Happy Moon cake festival and Happy Hari Raya for Plug-In.

p/s: don't forget to invite us over for open house! :)